China Ambassador Visits Champlain Dublin Campus

Ambassador Harry Tseng, the representative of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Ireland, paid a visit to Champlain Abroad Dublin’s Conflict Management class this week.  Ambassador Tseng spoke of the difficulties that Taiwan faces being a country with limited diplomatic recognition on the world stage.  This limited recognition means that Taiwan is no longer a member of the United Nation or any of the other major international institutions.  Taiwan does not hold official diplomatic status in most countries in the world, yet operates many representative offices in foreign countries specializing in bilateral exchange in trade, media, and technology. Ambassador Tseng was formerly a member of the Taiwanese delegation to Washington D.C. and spoke fondly of his time in the United States.  He also spoke of significantly improved relations with the People’s Republic of China that was spurred on by Taiwanese businesspeople eager to regain economic, travel and trade links to the mainland.

Many thanks to Ambassador Tseng for taking the time to speak to our students at Champlain Abroad Dublin.  His visit was greatly appreciated by everyone!


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